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Hi Dawn,

Last month's workday saw 31 volunteers venturing out into the forest to carry RatAbate toxin out to the bait lines.  Thank you to everyone who attended and helped out.

When -  Sunday 13th September 2020
What time - 9.00 am to whenever
Where -  Ōtanewainuku Shelter - Mountain road, Oropi

The work for this day will consist of line clearing and bait station replacement.
  • We will start at 9 am. Please arrive a little earlier to ensure everyone is present at the briefing and H&S Induction.
  • New volunteers - once the briefing is completed you will be assigned to an experienced volunteer.  Please make yourself known to the person in charge of the day.  Assemble where required.
  • Sturdy walking shoes or boots will be required, as well as warm gear, raincoat, drink, and snacks if going out in the bush.
  • Hi-Viz vest and personal first aid kit are recommended. Allergy medications need to be in first aid kit i.e. wasp sting.
  • A reasonable level of fitness required as you need to be aware of changes in the terrain, however, there is the option of line clearing.
  • Sausage Sizzle and a cuppa provided afterward for you.
Please remember to check Facebook and email for cancellations.
The team has been busy preparing for this year's census and have measures in place to work under Alert Level 2 if required. They met for a briefing recently, meeting each other and going over the job descriptions and what to expect.
Let's wish the team well for this year's census!

As part of getting everyone involved, they have a competition going which you would have seen previous communication about.

So if you haven't entered the 'Guess the number of Kōkako' competition you still have time.  
BUT you only have until 6th September!  So join in the fun and put your best guess in!

Good luck everyone!  Whoever wins, make sure you take a photo of yourself in your lovely new polar fleece and send it through to and we'll announce it in the next update.
The Kōkako Census Team
The team have a workday scheduled on Tuesday 15th September - so that's a couple of days after the general workday.
10.00am start at Hans place, 309 Seales Rd. Oropi.
Everyone welcome.
Refreshments provided.
If you haven't helped in this team yet, come on and give it a go!

If you have already indicated your willingness to be a part of this team please ensure you attend. Give Mac 0274746057, or John 021 056 4048, a call or text to tell them you're going to be there!
Kiwi season is getting exciting with egg lifts starting very soon.  Thank goodness nights are getting warmer and shorter.  

We also have a mystery.  Thorne, he's the cutest boy, has gone into incubation.  The problem is that we don't know if he has a mate.  First up I panicked as the last time this happened with another kiwi he was tangled in mangimangi and died.  We tracked Thorne to a burrow but didn't want to invade it in case he is, against the odds, incubating eggs. We still wanted to know, definitely, that he was OK. I shot back into town and bought a trail camera and yes, yahoo!, he came out a 6.30 pm.  So has he a girl or is he faking?

The next step was an acoustic recorder. Every night for a week the camera showed him up about 6.30 pm and the recorder corresponded with his wake up call about 6 minutes later.  He has great vocals, and an amazing nesting instinct, calling several times a night before he retires about 10 ish.  He's changed instantly from 11 hrs activity each night to 4 hrs. (click the link below to hear him!)

Then Friday, the traditional night on the town, a female answers him. WOW!!, and who is she??? 
I've been beeping Koko, the only known single girl, every opportunity and have never caught her on Thorne's side of the ridge. She's 650 meters away, not a cosy kiwi relationship.  Was it TeHoe, she's been closer but has her own boy and they stick pretty close together. Pistachio and Koura have their own incubation happening, 750 meters away over the gully.
More exciting recordings, several times over the following week, duets with the pair very close to the recorder for both wake up and go to bed calls.  A second kiwi has not appeared on film.

So is he faking and the female calls are TeHoe coming in to see what he's making a fuss about?

Has one of our lost females (we have had 6 over the years) found Thorne and settled with him?
That would be so very cool.

Is Koko doing quicky visits?

We have another 30 days of guessing until we look in the burrow. Ohhh impatient agony!!


P.S. see Sheryl's photo at the end of a pretty natural forest floor arrangement :-)
I gave a talk to Papamoa Garden Club on 8 July with about 62 people attending – I had done a talk on kiwi and the Trust some months earlier so this talk was wider in scope and also covered Forest & Bird activities.   Koro Kiwi was still a very welcome guest – a lot of new members were interested and the Trust pamphlets were very popular.
Koro Kiwi left to go to Welllington in July and was well cared for by David Brown while they attended a Zespri presentation at the Beehive.
After I had given a talk to Greenwood Park residents they were very keen to visit the forest and, though I did advise that it was rather cold there in the winter, they had 27 people very keen to take a bus and explore the rimu track.
In spite of a slightly damp weather forecast, the full team came along, bringing their lunch and a very enthusiastic attitude!
I walked very slowly, stopping often to identify trees and ferns and listen for bird calls.   The forest was in heavy mist on the day of our visit and about a third of the group turned back with their leader not far past the second big rimu tree.   The rest enjoyed the complete circuit though one lady did become very out of breath after the short hill climb.   We all enjoyed lunch at the shelter and returned to Greenwood Park via No.2 Road and Te Puke.   The bus trip was given free of charge by a local firm, Hinterland Tours.
Pacific Coast Village invited me (and Koro Kiwi) to their monthly morning tea meeting on Wednesday 19 August.  About 30 residents braved the squally weather and were very interested and supportive.   A new experience was to have one of my ex-colleagues from DOC and Wildlife Service in the audience, as well as senior Forest and Bird members!   Several people had been to Otanewainuku and others were happy to share their experiences of encounters with kiwi.  Excellent morning and I was also invited for lunch afterward.
School bookings are very busy for the next month and as far ahead as December.


"......OLOGISTS" AND "......ISTS" have fascinating jobs!!

They get to research, identify, classify, and study different groups of organisms, and they each have their own name!
Here are some to might want to find out more!
Ornithologists - study birds
Mammalogists - study mammals
Arachnologists - study spiders
Agaricologists - study mushrooms

Phycologists - study algae
Dipterists - study flies
Mycologists - study fungi
Botanists - study plants

If you are interested, please deposit the amount into our bank account,
Ōtanewainuku Kiwi Trust
BNZ – Tauranga Branch
02 0466 0093982 00

Reference:  OKT Cap (or Tshirt or Fleece)
or bring along the correct cash to the next workday.
Alternatively, contact

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and, if you take any photos at Ōtanewainuku that you’re happy to share, please tag us in. We love seeing people enjoying the great walks there.

The Ōtanewainuku Kiwi Trust (OKT) Handbook
This handbook gives an insight into the background of the trust, it's purpose and vision and how you as a volunteer can help achieve that vision.  This is not only for those working actively in the forest but also to those helping behind the scenes.
If you would like a copy of the volunteer handbook emailed to you please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Gaylene Street or on 07 571 3714.

When the Forest Flourishes, the People Flourish.

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